Linktekc has a simple goal, to create something incredible and help you make your visions a reality. We work with our clients to help you realize your digital potential. The truth is, when you innovate, everything else falls into place and the development professionals at Linktekc can help you build your dreams while breaking through the boundaries. It is all about creating an unforgettable experience for your clients and customers. This is about changing the way you do business and interact with your customers.

We are here to start a revolution for you and your business, creating a digital footprint that brings innovation to our customers. It is about having the courage to take the first step into a larger world.

Our mission

As a creative agency, it is our mission to create a software solution that is as individual as your company’s needs. We don’t take the fastest way there, we take the time to create a one-of-a-kind solution for your business. We take the path less traveled and that makes the difference to those around you, you will be noticed when you use the design team at Linktekc.

It is our mission to create a development revolution that brings everyone together – from your employees to your clients or customers. We will help you plan a map to your own success.


It Is our job to bring your dreams and ideas into reality. We create the revolution that drives your business to the next level. Your design and digital plan is merely the first step, not the entire journey. Your vision leads to the innovation that creates a product and so on. We’re in the business of building empires with mobile framework and the web as our tools.

Linktekc has worked with some major clients and we’re up to the challenge of working with you. We can scale your image to the masses, without losing your message. We can help you innovate the way your do business, taking it to a level that is new yet familiar.

USA Face recognition Mobile Apps

Linktekc Group develops mobile applications that are in great demand because of their great use for business system of generating income. Business individuals are using these applications to facilitate seamless and the optional functioning of business and promotion of products and services such as face recognition mobile apps. Virtual reality developers are in high demand since this is the near future in technology and Linktekc Systems Group has a strong team to approach any project for small or big than can be. Also we provide freelance website development and maintenance with different plans.